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  Tony: Nice i-phone. I am planning to get one next month when I get my pay check.


  Jessica: It is not a real one. I got it from one of my Chinese friends.


  Tony: You girls. Why not get a real one? You have a sugar daddy. He will buy everything for you to please you.


  Jessica: He is not. He is my partner. We both get what we need. BTW, he is not as old as he looks. I like new stuffs. My enthusiasm for one specific product won’t last longer than two months. If I bought the real thing, I would feel guilty of wasting.


  Tony: I guess the counterfeit market is driven by you guys. Look at you. You dress like some kind of Japanese crap. Can’t you have some normal dresses?


  Jessica: I like Japanese culture. Don’t you think kimonos are beautiful? Only real ladies can wear kimonos.


  Tony: Let me tell you something, young lady. Those Europeans including Japanmen are complaining about fake products in China. But in fact it was those goody-goodies who started copying Chinese products first.


  Jessica: Japanmen? Don’t create a word. Great Master, tell me what products they were copying then.


  Tony: China, of course. They are named after it. CHINA. Also they copied embroidery. It was a fashion to have a piece of authentic china at home. More than that, it was a luxury. In order to gain more profits, they fooled people like you with fake made-in-China mark.


  Jessica: I didn’t know that. Thank you for the tips. I will buy fake china and sell it here. So l can dump the old man. Fantastic!



  Tina: Am I bound to be dying alone?


  Mike: What? No. You are the hottest girl as far as I know.


  Tina: Will you please top it, super lawyer who was kicked out by his boss?


  Mike: See? The problem is your attitude. If you can treat me a little nicer, all men would be yours.


  Tina: I am not going to buy your story. You can’t even convince your boss that you are capable enough to be a lawyer. It doesn’t matter anyway.


  Mike: It matters to me. What’s the matter? Guy problem?


  Tina: The other day I met this man in a bar. He is kind of cute and he looks very decent. So I was thinking maybe he was my guy. So I went to talk to him. You know me. I don't uaually do that.


  Mike: He was a gay. So you feel embarrassed?


  Tina: No. Everything was fine till I got his mail yesterday. I am cool with the one night thing. We both had fun. But he said a woman like me was only good for being a mistress. Is it true that when you guys are looking for wives, subconsciously you prefer those fat and well developed women?


  Mike: Well, that depends. But it doesn’t sound true to me at least. Is he from Africa? Maybe he needs a woman with a big ass to give birth to as many children as she can.



  Jason: If I had a chance, I would marry Boule De Suif.

  如果我有机会的话, 我会娶羊脂球

  Shadow: But she is a prostitute.


  Jason: A noble prostitute. Unlike those wealthy people from the upper class, she is patriotic. She refused to sleep with her enemy.


  Shadow: You just stole my words. Those people are so pretentious.


  Jason: Those hypocrites used her kindness. At the beginning, they did not even want to sit beside her. But when they realized that it was a matter of life and death, all of them began to praise her beauty.


  Shadow: But I can’t understand why even the nuns despised her. Aren’t they supposed to redeem people who slipped? Isn’t it the command of God?

  可是我不太明白为什么那些修女也看不起她。 她们不应该是帮助那些失足的人吗?这难道不是上帝的旨意吗?

  Jason: Obviously, they betrayed God’s will. So they didn’t deserve to be saved. She should not have believed those perfect liars.


  Shadow: Isn’t it sad that more money they gain, less human they become.


  Jason: People are selfish. They only care about themselves no matter how fast the society develops.


  Shadow: They will know they should learn to love others because someday we all are going to the face the Judgment day.