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在2005年9月之前,PMP考试仍使用2000版,在2005年9月之后的考试将使用新版教材PMBOK第三版(PMBOK 2004)。即PMBOK第三版将在2005年12月考试中启用。



25 pretest questions will be randomly placed throughout the new examination to gather statistical information on the performance of these questions in order to determine whether they may be used on future examinations. These 25 pretest items are included in the 200-question examination, but will not be included in the pass/fail determination; candidates will be scored on 175 questions.
• Diagnostic score reports are now being given to all candidates to show their overall pass or fail status. Additionally, candidates are provided with an overall percentage of questions answered correctly for each Domain and Knowledge Area. To pass the PMP examination, candidates must answer a minimum of 143 of the 175 scored questions correctly. It is possible to fail one or more of the Domains, yet still pass the exam (the chart below demonstrates the total percentage of what each domain is worth on the new examination).