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24-hour credit card bookings 24小时信用卡预约

  An attractive rate of interest on any money. 存款利率高

  Automatic teller machine 自动取款机

  Bring proof of identity to open your account. 开户需带证件

  Bureau de change/Currency exchange 兑换外汇

  Call us with credit card details on … 打电话……询问,需提供信用卡记录详情。

  Fast, safe worldwide money transfers available here.我们能提供全球快捷安全的转帐业务。

  Foreign exchange (services) 外币兑换

  Look out our lowest rate loans on personal 提供个人低息贷款。

  Making your money grow 让你的钱增值。

  Our telephone banking service is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.我们的银行开通每年365天每天24小时的服务电话。

  Repayments guaranteed to stay the same throughout the length of the loan. 偿还的贷款保证在还贷期间保持不变。

  Sell to customer rate: 卖出价:

  There is no cash left in this machine overnight 此机夜间无现金

  This till position is closed. 此取款机停止使用

  Travelers cheque commission 旅行支票收手续费

  We can supply all your foreign currency. 我们提供各国货币

  We give you great rates and instant access 我们提供优惠的价位快捷的服务。

  You open an account with at least £10 开户至少10镑

  Your insurance plan will protect your product against accidental damage.保险将保护你的产品免受意外损失。

  Post Office and Communications 邮局电信

  Abroad 国外信件

  All prices include postage and packing 全部价格包括邮资和包装

  Calls charged at the national rate 电话按国内长途收费

  Counter service 服务柜台

  Country letters 国内信件

  Enquires 问讯处

  If your mobile breaks down more than twice because of a mechanical fault, we will replace it. 如果你的手机出现两次以上的故障,我们将予以更换。

  If your mobile phone breaks down, we will carry out as many repairs as your product needs, free of charge. 如果你的手机出现故障,我们随时提供免费修理。

  In most instances we will repair your mobile phone within five working days. 一般我们在5个工作日修好你的手机。

  Internet e-mail with free fast access to useful sites 发电子邮件,免费访问常用的网站。

  Local calls 本地电话

  Mobile phone center 移动电话中心

  National calls 国内长途电话

  Nokia original accessories 诺基亚原装配件

  Please join the main queue 请排成一队

  Please post all your mail here,thank you 请在此邮寄,谢谢合作

  Pocket phone shop 手机商店

  Post your comments here 请留下您的意见

  Price paid including fees and vat.所付价格包括服务费和增值税

  Simply return your damaged or faulty phone to our store and it will be exchanged for a loan phone until your phone has been repaired.只要你把你损坏或有故障的手机拿回我们商店,在你的手机修好前,我们会提供备用电话。

  Stamp vending machine 邮票销售机

  We offer a special instant replacement service for pagers. 我们对BB机提供快捷换货的特别服务。

  We will replace any accessories you bought from us for your original phone. 我们为你从我们这买的原装手机换配件。

  Theatre and Cinema 剧院电影院

  24 hour ticket line … 24小时售票电话……

  All prices quoted include any service charges applicable.票价包括一定的服务费。

  All sessions last for approximately 1 hour. 演出大约1小时

  Booking Office 售票处

  Bookable in advance at the box office only with ID 凭身份证可在售票处提前预定。

  Booking by post, phone, fax or e-mail or in person. 可通过邮寄,打电话,发传真或发电子邮件或亲自定票。

  Booking can be made through … on … 可打电话 ……通过……定票

  Concessions 优惠

  No booking fee 不收定票费

  Performance times 演出时间

  Previews 预演

  Regular price 普通票价

  Special reductions are available to groups 12+ at all performances. 所有演出对12人以上的团体给予特别优惠。

  The performance runs 2 hours 30 minutes including an interval 整个演出2小时30分,包括中间休息

  The price shown on the ticket includes ticket price and service charges.票上的价格包括票价和服务费。

  This ticket will not be exchanged nor the purchase price refunded.票不可交换,也不能按购买价退票。

  Tickets are subject to availability. 票在销售,售完为止

  Tickets available from all accredited ticket agents. 可在所有的指定的代理商买到票

  Hotels and Hostels 旅店宾馆

  Be careful when using the bath.使用此浴室时小心。

  Booking made through most travel agents. 可通过各地旅游代理商定票。

  Centrally located overlooking a park with free parking. 市区中心,紧*公园,免费停车。

  Cleanliness and comfort assured.保证干净舒适。

  Conference facilities. 会议设施

  Easy access to… Close to city center. 紧*市中心,去……交通便利,。

  Equipped and furnished to a high standard. 家具配备高档,设施配备精良。

  Extremely well equipped. 设施配备精良。

  Friendly family guest house near city center and railway station. 家庭式客房,紧*市中心和火车站。

  Full central heating with house provided hot water 24 hours 中央暖气系统,房间24小时提供热水。

  Fully centrally heated.中央暖气全部开放。