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GRE写作中哪些衔接词常用到   衔接词在新GRE写作中具有非常重要的作用,只有用对衔接词,作文的语句才能通顺,各位考生也才能获得GRE写作高分。   举例:   for instance; for example; such as; consider the fact that;   立即:   immediately; for the time being; in no time; on the spot;   鉴于此:   for that matter; in that case; for that reason; as for;   可能不是这样:   (unfortunately)   this is not necessarily the case;   this is often/certainly not the case;   this might not be the case;   this need not be the case;   common sense and experience tell us this is not the case/this assumption is a poor one;   the argument fails to substantiate this assumption;   perhaps ~that have nothing to do with;   this argument by analogy is wholly unpersuasive;   this argument, nonetheless, is based on an oversimplified analysis of the cause of and the presumptuous correlation is unacceptable;   although this is entirely possible, the argument provides no evidence to support this assumption;   if this is not the case, then it is entirely possible that;   lacking evidence to confirm this assumption, it is entirely possible that ;   应该:   would have to; should; ought to; must; have to; be required to; would be;   根据总体的趋势:   overall group of; in general; as a whole; on the whole;   断言:   assert; claim; postulate; declare; affirm; emphasize; advocate;   反映:   indicate; reveal; reflect; demonstrate; imply; illustrate; infer; predict;   可能性:   possibility; likelihood (in all likelihood); alternative/alternative means of ; explanation; occurence; validity; legitimacy; credibility;   可行性:   feasibility;