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#美国项目管理师# 导语】项目管理专业人士资格认证。它是由美国项目管理协Project Management Institute(PMI)发起的,严格评估项目管理人员知识技能是否具有高品质的资格认证考试。其目的是为了给项目管理人员提供统一的行业标准。®无忧考网整理了PMP美国项目管理考试模拟题给大家参考,希望对大家有帮助!

1. Major difficulties arise when multiple projects need to managed in the functional organizational structure because of-
A. The level of authority of the project manager
B. Conflicts over the relative priorities of different projects in competition for limited resources
C. Project team members who are focused on their functional specialty rather than on the project
D. The need for the project manager to use interpersonal skills to resolve conflicts informally
1. 当多个项目需要在职能组织结构中进行管理的时候,会出现很大的困难,因为:
A. 项目经理的权限有限
B. 不同的项目在竞争有限资源过程中会发生冲突
C. 项目小组成员更关注职能部门的本职工作而不是与项目有关的工作
D. 需要项目经理运用个人交际能力非正式地解决冲突

2. The team you have organized for your new project consists of three people who will work full-time and five people who will support the project on a part-time basis. All team members know one another and have worked together in the past. To ensure a successful project start-up, your first step should be to
A. Meet with each team member individually to discuss assignments
B. Prepare a responsibility assignment matrix and distribute it to each team member
C. Distribute the project plan and WBS to the team
D. Hold a project kickoff meeting
2. 你为新项目组建的项目小组包括三个全职人员和五个兼职人员,所有小组人员相互认识并在过去一起共事。为了项目启动顺利,你的第一步是:

3. One organizational option for improving communications and teamwork is using a fight matrix. This approach also serves to facilitate-
A. Fast-tracking
B. Concurrent engineering
C. Resource leveling
D. Work on geographically dispersed or virtual teams
3. 一个公司为改善沟通和团队协作可以选择使用一个紧缩矩阵的形式把大家组织起来。这种方法还能促进
A. 快速赶工
B. 协作工程
C. 资源平衡
D. 地理上分散或虚拟团队的工作

4. Of the following types of historical information that can be used in risk identification, which is the least reliable?
A. Project files
B. Commercial databases
C. Project team knowledge
D. Lessons learned databases
4. 在以下可用于风险识别的历史信息中,最不可靠的是:
A. 项目的档案
B. 商业数据库
C. 项目小组知识
D. 经验数据库

5. The DeIphi technique is a particularly useful method for identifying risk to
A. Present a sequence of decision choices graphically to decision makers
B. Define the probability of occurrence of specific variables
C. Reduce bias in the analysis and keep any one person from haying undue influence on the outcome
D. Help take into account the attitude of the decision maker toward risk
A. 为决策者提供图表式的一系列决策选择
B. 明确特定变量出现的概率
C. 减少分析过程中的偏见,防止任何人对分析结果施加不正当的影响
D. 有助于将决策者对风险的态度考虑进去