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  1. The latest data put forward by the states suggested that the business ___ improving.

  A. was B. be C. being D. should

  解析:此句主要结构为The latest data suggested that …且suggested为“暗示,表明”从句不用虚拟。

  2. It was dark. We decided to ______for the night at a farmhouse.

  A. put away B. put down C. put up D. put on

  解析:put away收好,保存好(2)把…放在一边 put down 写下,记下;镇压

  put up留sb过夜;举起 put on 穿上

  3. Her sister has become a lawyer, she wanted to be.

  A.who B.that C.what D.which

  解析:which引导定语从句,修饰先行词a lawyer

  4. The driver was at ___ loss when ____ word came that he was forbidden to drive for speeding.

  A. a; / B. a; the C. the; the D. /; /

  解析:at a loss茫然,不知所措 word 表“消息,信息”为无冠词名词 Word came that… 消息传来说……

  5. Europe has achieved more in controlling the AIDS virus than Asia in the past ten years, _________ the number of people infected with the virus is going up sharply.

  A. when B. that C. so that D. where

  解析:where= in which引导定语从句,修饰先行词Asia ,即“在亚洲被病毒感染的人数一直在急剧上升。”

  6. The government has taken some measures to solve the shortage of electricity, but it may be some time

  ___________ the situation improves.

  A. since B. when C. unless D. before

  解析:It may/ will(not)be …before…

  It was(not)…before… It is(has been)…since…

  7. ----How do you find our company?

  ----A little worried. We _________ ground as a leader in the field of IT with the others speeding up development.

  A .have lost B. are losing C. lost D. were losing

  解析:根据答句“A little worried. ”可知我们还未失去地位,正逐步失去。

  8. The newcomer is from Tibet, ________ I can tell from his appearance.

  A. which B. what C. where D. who

  解析:which 引导定语从句,指代前面整个句子The newcomer is from Tibet,

  9. The report said a bus went out of control on a highway south of the city and rushed into a river.

  A.the ,the B./ ,the C.the, / D./,/

  解析:out of control 失去控制 to the south of the city 在这座城市的南边(to the可省)

  10. The husband rushed to the hospital he heard that his wife was injured .

  A.at the moment B.for the moment C.in a moment D.the moment


  the moment=the minute / the instant = immediately / directly (adv.)= as soon as (conj.)

  11. all kinds of knowledge ,he was admitted to a key university.

  A.Equipped with B.Having equipped for C.Armed for D.Having armed with


  arm/equip sb. with sth. →be armed/ equipped with

  Armed with special guns, knives and brushes, two spacewalking astronauts practiced fixing the spacecraft.

  12. —How do you to her unkindly behavior? —Only silence.

  Which of the following is wrong?

  A.react B.answer C.reply D.respond

  解析:react/ reply/ respond to sb./ sth. answer sb./ sth.

  13. Don’t worry ,she is accustomed to like that.

  A.being spoken to B.be spoken C.being spoken D.speak

  解析:be accustomed to(doing)sth.= be used to(doing)sth. 习惯(做)某事

  speak to sb.→be spoken to

  14. all the shortcomings you mentioned ,he is a man to be depended on.

  A.In spite B.Although C.Though D.Despite

  解析:despite= in spite of(介词)后跟名词;Although/ Though(连词)后跟从句

  15. The soldier was of running away when the enemy attached.

  A.scolded B.charged C.accused D.punished

  解析:be accused of= be charged with 被指控……

  be scolded / punished for… 因……而被责骂/惩罚

  16. About 698,000 laptops were sold in China in second quarter, 12.1 percent increase from a year ago.

  A. a; a B. the; a C. the;the D. a; the


  17. ___we admit that there are still some problems about NMET, we don't mean that it is of no use.

  A. Until B. While C. As D. Unless


  While you may be right, I can’t altogether agree with you.

  While the sea has offered people food for thousands of years, it swallowed thousands of lives in one day in the tsunami in Southeastern Asia.

  18. It how long the shock that explosions hit London transport system will stay in people's hearts.

  A. abandons B. considers C. matters. D. minds


  19. —Did you know more about the mine accident?

  —Oh, sorry, I had no idea. I the Rescue Center now.

  A. will be phoning B. am to phone C. will phone D. phone


  20. —The government should think about the medical reform again and take measures to improve it.

  —_________. The medical services and efficiency are not good at the moment.

  A. You're confusing me B. I cannot agree more C. That's all right D. Go ahead, please



  1. --- Fine, I've got used to the life there and I've made some friends.

  A. How are you B. How are you doing C. Are you getting on well D. How do you do


  2. ---How do you like the film? ---There was nothing special--- it was only ____.

  A. average B. usual C. normal D. common

  解析:average: standard or level regarded as usual

  These marks are well above/below average.



  He paid the usual fee.他按规定交费

  As usual, he arrived early and started to work at once.



  3. I can’t go to the New Year’s concert,_____,100 dollars is just too much for me to spend in one evening.

  A . in other words. B that is. C in particular. D I mean

  解析:I mean “我指的是”

  4. There was time I hated to go to school .

  A.a; that B.a; when C.the; that D.the ; when

  解析:a time表示曾经一度,when 引导的定语从句修饰A time

  There were a time when this song was very popular.

  There was a time when women were not admitted to universities.

  5. Scientists generally agree that earth’s climate will warm up over the next 50 to100 years______ it has warmed in the 20,000 years since Ice Age.

  A. so long as. B. as much as C as long as. D as well as

  解析:as much as表示程度

  6. Now in the market there are too many oranges, making the prices down, so I suggest _____.

  A.you’d better turn to do other business

  B.you would rather turn to other business

  C.you turning to doing other business=your turning to doing

  D.you ought to turn to selling other fruits

  解析:=your turning to doing . suggest+(one’s/sb.)doing sth./that 从句(should do )

  7. _____ some old tables, his house was almost empty.

  A. Besides B. Except C. Apart from D. But

  解析:apart from=besides/except/except for 这里相当于except for

  8. ----- What’s the model plane look like?

  ----- Well, the wings of the plane are ______ of its body.

  A. more than the length twice B. twice more than the length

  C. more than twice the length D. more twice than the length

  解析:more than 修饰twice

  9. ----- Which share is meant for me ? ----- You can take _____ half. They are exactly the same.

  A. this B. any C. each D. neither

  解析:从half 可知是两半,意思是“你可以拿这一半”还可用either

  10. I_____ violin lessons every two weeks, but I think I ‘ll make it every week from next month.

  A. am having B. have had C. have D. have been having


  11. It is fairly common in Africa for there______ a group of expert musicians surrounded by others who also join in the performances.

  A. being B. to be C. be D. is

  解析:there be 结构,用在for sb. to do sth结构中

  12. ----Now that you like the computer so much. Why not buy it?

  ---Well, I can’t afford ______computer.

  A. that expensive a B. a that expensive C. that an expensive D. an expensive that

  解析:that expensive a = so expensive a “that” 为副词

  13. He has got himself into a dangerous situation ______ he is likely to lose control over the plan.

  A. where B. which C. where D. why

  解析:situation, case , point, 等词后常用where引导定语从句 ; occasion 后常用when 引导定语从句。

  14. ______, the concert began.

  A. The listeners having taken their seats B. Having taken their seats

  C. Having taken their places D. Taking their seats

  解析:独立主格做状语。主语concert 不可能执行take the seat 这一动作,必须加the listeners 做逻辑主语

  15. ---- You shouldn’t have gone there alone last night.

  ---- But I ______, because Xiao Wang went there, too.

  A. didn’t B. had to C. did D. should


  16. ---- There is a lot of smoke coming out of the teaching-building there.

  ---- Really? It _____ be a fire, most probably.

  A. can B. ought to C. have to D. must

  解析:从most probably.可以看出是很可能, must表示一定

  17. If you don’t wait _______ the red light, you will be punished by the policeman.

  A. at B. under C. for D. on

  解析:at 意为“看见”

  18. ________ doesn’t seem to have been much difficulty in solving the problem.

  A. It B. That C. There D. He

  解析:这是There be句型一种比较复杂的表现形式,由下列各句逐步形成:

  There is much difficulty in solving the problem.

  There seems to be much difficulty in solving the problem.

  There seems to have been much difficulty in solving the problem.

  There doesn’t seem to have been much difficulty in solving the problem.

  E.g. There used to be a big tree in front of the old house.

  There happened to be a foreign teacher there.

  There is said to be no life on the moon.

  There must have been something wrong with the machine.

  19. Are the parents who let their child who is ______ walk in the dark alone at night considerate?

  A. young enough B. too young to C. not old enough to D. so young

  解析:分析句子结构,who is so young 在句为修饰的定语,另有let sb.do sth.

  20. If you want to sell your product you must _____ it.

  A. advertise B. advertise for C. advertise on D. advertise to

  解析:advertise sth. 为……登广告, 登广告宣传…… advertise for sth.(sb.)登广告征求或寻找某物或某人

  比较:advertise jobs 登广告招人 advertise for jobs 登广告求职