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【导语】中国有书读百遍,其义自见的古谚,一直在强调重复练习的重要性。多看书,勤做题是大有裨益的。 无忧考网为您提供了“GRE写作优秀范文:政治和生活”,欢迎阅读参考!更多相关讯息请关注无忧考网!

  It is unfortunate but true that political decisions and activities affect all aspects of people's lives.


  Human beings are social animal and therefore highly dependent on political activities.While the word unfortunate is not always applicable in all circumstances, we have to admit that political decisions and activities affect our lives in all aspects.

  One should notice and avoid misinterpretation of the term "all" in this viewpoint, as it does not equal going to extreme but merely indicates what is going on. Those who misunderstand often argue that their fundamental right to decide when to sleep, what to eat, where to go on their own will has always been left to themselves and has nothing to do with what the president had said or signed. Yet this is not the case at all.The moment when we enjoy our sweet dream while jobless people are picking waste bottles on the street, when we choose cabbage to be our daily recipe only because we can not afford high beef consumption, when we are forced not to travel during the SARS outbreak, political decisions are pulling us around. Personal rights sometimes give way to political decisions no matter voluntarily or unwillingly. Needless to say, political decisions become much more influential when it comes to other issues.Everyday we are directed in an invisible yet powerful way, so powerful that in no aspect of our lives can we evade.

  It is no surprise that political decisions affects us so badly. This is determined by its nature. From tribes to empires to federal governments, there are always governers and the masses. Once you have a nationality, you are ruled under a certain group of people, and common sense tells the situation is much worse for those without nationality. So, we are destined to bear the consequence brought by political decisions.Especially when the Japanese city Hiroshima was destroyed by atomic bomb, or when the German city Berlin was split into two, people learn that political decisions are responsible for these humanitarian disasters.

  Fortunately, such consequence is not always so disappointing. More often we benefit from political decisions. After all, government sets up the mansion of society.Education, medical care, legislation and countless others we took for granted enable us to develop. And frequent international collaboration nowadays is a sign indicating that Hiroshima and Berlin tragedies are much less likely to replay. We owe political activities our gratitude in this case. This trend will never die out yet benefit all human being.

  To conclude, it is fortunate that political decisions and activities do affect our lives in all aspects as long as they function in a positive way. With this presime it is unnecessary to be pessimistic and it is reasonable to expect a better life brought to the masses.