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  How children are socialized today determines the destiny of society.Unfortunately, we have not yet learned how to raise children who can help bring about a better society.


  People are never born into separated environment, while society will be their destiny to face and join no matter whether they are willed to do so. After being educated in greenhouses of campus,children will one day step into this destiny inevitably, therefore making socialization an indispensable progress of their growth. However, it seems to me that socialization is a method of acclimating to the surroundings and such abilities are inborn. So it may be too extreme and pessimistic to say we have not yet learned how to raise children who can help bring about a better society, especially when the education and other related fields are keeping a high-speed development.

  Socialization, defined as converting and meeting the social needs, determines a society's future by making its members work as effective parts of it. Society is a huge constitution combined by different individuals and groups, who need cooperation with each other and gain the methods for living and developing. Modern development has made such cooperation spear into every corner of our daily life: industry, service, agriculture and academic fields provide the people living in a society what they need, and supported by each other's products.

  Education, as a way for us to raise children, gives them knowledge to take parts in this society and realize their personal values. When entering schools, children are living with other contemporaries for years, learning how to communicate with each other, gaining senses of cooperation,competition and understanding. After that, they graduate and face the practical issues, such as manufacturing, researching, designing and so forth. All these issues ask for cooperation during modern time, because they are all highly complicated with different products provided by different fields. An architecture design project, for instance, contains parts of architecture design, structure design, air-conditioner system, water supply system and so forth. During its designing progress,architects and other experts need communicate with each other, persuade or be persuaded to change their ideas and plans. If some one of them are not socialized and just keep on working individually, the outcomes will be not reasonable or even not feasible.

  Moreover, socialization is an indispensable part of social living, even people do not take parts in producing. We are living in a connected world, facing other peoples for information, products and so forth. After graduating, children will leave their greenhouses which are supported by their parents, teachers and society. They have to work and live directly with other social members. If they are not socialized, and just continue their greenhouse life, they will find the world as a vacuum, bogging them with complex relation of people. In Japan, a group of people are called OTAKUs, who are trapped by their childhood interests, including animation, video game,internet, and the sense of security at home. Those people are a reverse example of those who are not well socialized. They have their own worlds, cut off with others, and they are afraid of communicating. As a result, certain social problems have long been reported among these OTAKUs, such as suicide, crime, psychic diseases and so forth. In this case we may know the importance of socialization.