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#四六级考试# 导语】天道酬勤,一份付出一份收获,莫叹汗水有多多,生命的意义是奋斗不在乎困难的折磨,不管揭晓的答案是什么,只要曾经奋斗过,祝考试顺利,笑意多多!以下是®忧考网为大家精心整理的内容,欢迎大家阅读。


  英语四级美文:An Irish Wedding

  Have you ever been to an Irish wedding?I have just returned from one.It is a quarter to five in the morning;the sun has already climbed above the horizon;the birds are busy celebrating the new day and have eagerly been in search of food.But some of the guests have not yet left.They are still prolonging the night:dancing, singing, gossiping,and postponing the unfortunate necessity of undertaking a day’s work in the fields after a sleepless night.

  The evening party was to start at ten o’clock,but many of the guests arrived earlier.A few of the nearer male relatives were looking rather awkward in evening suits with smart bow ties,and the pleasant, unsophisticated countrywomen appeared a little self-conscious in their Sunday best.Two men squeezing accordions provided the music: the old Irish tunes that have been played at weddings for many years.20.Half the people in the room were dancing the square dances21.which have been enjoyed even longer.

  A score of men stood in the narrow dark hall leaning against the wall,drinking beer from bottles and speculating about crops, cattle and the current political situation.And whenever the dancing stopped,somebody would start singing one of the sentimental, treasured Irish songs:the exile longing for his home, the grief-stricken lover mourning his fate. Sometimes we all joined in the chorus, sadly and solemnly,before getting up to dance again.Irish weddings are almost certain to have been celebrated in this way for generations.

  I have been to wedding receptions where champagne has been served to the accompaniment of soft unnoticed orchestral music;I have listened to carefully prepared speeches and eyed a little enviously the model gowns of women far more elegant than I could ever hope to be.I have been impressed, and a little bored.I have just been sitting up all night in a small, uncomfortable Irish cottage and I have been enjoying every moment of it


  英语四级美文:Challenges of School

  Life is full of challenges.School has to be the most challenging obstacle in the lives of youth today.Elementary school brings about a few challenges characteristic of those years spent there.There’s the challenge of coloring in the lines,a very real problem to any youngster.Or how about the challenge of remembering to raise one’s hand before one speaks?There are hundreds of rules and regulations that govern these young children.The one thing that keeps these children in line is the hope of reward.Yes, this is the brass ring.The reward for a clean desk is an extra five minutes of recess!

  The prize for having all homework done, a shiny-new pencil topper!These small wonders keep small people in line.They make the children love challenge.Middle school is not so easy.It is not easy for the students, and it also isn’t easy for the teachers.The challenge of staying out of trouble, or writing that research paper —these are the new confrontations of an older, wiser group.This clan has outgrown the recess and pencil-topper tricks.They know that their efforts have to bring them something really useful,so mom and pop are pulled onto the scene.

  How does five, ten dollars for each “A” sound?Or, how about no telephone if one doesn’t do good in school?Need I say more?By the time high school arrives,a student’s place in academic excellence or else their unlikelihood to even graduate has been established.Little can be done now to make life’s challenges seem interesting,especially where school comes in. The slothful are rewarded with a nice job at a gas station,a pregnant girlfriend, and a fifteen-year-old Ford.The diligent are rewarded with an SAT score of over 1100,acceptance into Yale University, and a ticket to life.By meeting the challenges of school, sticking it out, and pulling through,they are given their greatest reward: success.


  英语四级美文:Struggling in America

  The United States of America is often seen as a nation in which the pursuit of happiness is not a dream but a reality.The sad truth is that although portrayed as an unusually easy life, life in America is as much of a struggle as in any other nation.For example, higher level education for Americans does not come easy.Although there are scholarships, grants and loans available,if the student fails to meet the criteria he is left with only personal resources to draw from.This takes him into a life with not only a school schedule to follow but perhaps,also, a work schedule and family life.These are often the difficulties that are not portrayed through the TV and movies.These are also the difficulties which many believe they will not encounter by attending an American college.

  In the second place, there is financial security.Many times what is portrayed of life in America is a life where “money is no object”.The fallacy in this is that,Each person has their own personal struggle and money is an object for the majority of the people.in spite of the comparatively higher wages available,the cost of living is also higher.Even though it may seem like one is making more money,just as much is spent in surviving.

  Thirdly is the belief that in the American way of life everyone has a good job.With the increasing advancements in technology,a well-paying job for those currently in the work force is getting harder to find.Those who have not been exposed to computers and other new methods of communication are finding this to be true.As it stands now,the job market is requiring at least a two-year degree from college,in order to make enough to live comfortably.Even then well-paid jobs are not easy to find,as it is sometimes believed because of the portrayal of life in America.


  英语四级美文:Medicine for a Broken Heart

  Within my group of friends,when one of us is struggling with a recent breakup after a long-term relationship,the castaway will be sad and depressed.The response to sadness takes one of two courses —either appetite fails totally,or we eat excessively to quell our yearnings over lost loves.If one of the girls in my dorm wants to indulge her appetite for food after a breakup,we all join in.We all eat terrible food in terrible quantities.For instance, ice cream, cakes, cookies and potato chips all become comfort foods that we consume in excess.

  I think this happens for a variety of reasons.To begin with, at my age — nineteen —we are all very concerned with our physical appearance.We want to be attractive,to have the kind of body image our society values.To that end, we moderate what kinds of foods we eat,how much, and how often;22.and we often overexert ourselves at the gym trying to burn off extra calories.We maintain good habits to keep up good appearance and thereby maintain a good relationship.However, when anyone experiences something as stressful and emotionally draining as a broken heart,he or she tends to disregard healthy habits and takes some pleasure in consuming those formerly forbidden foods.Of course, it is all a vicious circle.We lose our boyfriends,we become depressed,we eat, we gain weight (which, in turn, depresses us),we struggle to regain our self-respect, we enter into another relationship, and the cycle goes on.

  Food is not the only recourse for a sad lover.One friend of mine soothes her broken heart by going shopping —buying new clothes and new shoes, maybe a piece of jewelry —to make herself feel better.Whether it’s food or shopping,self-indulgence is often good medicine for the blues,if it is not carried to excess.The worst response is turning to alcohol or drugs.


  英语四级美文:Leisure and Boredom

  Technology and the division of labour have done two things:by eliminating in many fields the need for special strength or skill,they have made a very large number of paid occupations which formerly were enjoyable work into boring labour,and by increasing productivity they have reduced the number of necessary labouring of the population,that is to say, its labourers,will have almost as much leisure as in earlier times was enjoyed by the aristocracy.It seems interesting and relaxing good news at the first sight,but when one recalls how aristocracies in the past actually behaved,the prospect is not cheerful.

  The past aristocracies invented a lot of activities to make fun out of boredom,however, the problem of dealing with boredom may be even more difficult for such a future mass society than it was for aristocracies.The latter, for example, ritualized their time;there was a season to shoot grouse,a season to spend in town, a season to hold a lot of parties, etc.The masses are more likely to replace an unchanging ritual by fashion which it will be in the economic interest of certain people to change as often as possible.Again, the masses cannot go in for hunting,for very soon there would be no animals left to hunt.

  For other aristocratic amusements like gambling, dueling, and warfare,it may be only too easy to find equivalents in dangerous driving,drug-taking, and senseless acts of violence.Workers seldom commit acts of violence,because they can put their aggression into their work,be it physical like the work of a smith,or mental like the work of a scientist or an artist.The role of aggression in mental work is aptly expressed by the phrase “getting one’s teeth into a problem”.